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So, what are you doing about optimising your workflow?

Workflow optimisation — it’s such a buzzword we throw around, but how are we actually achieving it? While other industries have moved ahead in leaps and bounds, the geotechnical, environmental science, ecology and project management industries have, for the most part, only made incremental improvements to how we collect, analyse and deliver information. Take a Pdf report, for example; the output for the client is only marginally better than the hard copy we would have printed and bound 20 or 30 years ago.

So what are we doing about it? Datanest is a suite of software tools developed specifically for the engineering, earth sciences and project management industries. Currently made up of four key modules (Gather, Hub, Maps and Deliver), this new, all-in-one platform means that teams can quickly build their own data collection apps, ensuring that they collect the information they want. Data is then seamlessly linked with the Hub, enabling a senior consultant/engineer to review live data, provide further QA/QC, and add additional support to staff.

Integrating with Maps reduces the reliance on GIS teams, which can be a bottleneck in delivering reports due to limited capacity; datanest allows you to develop simple maps or even arrange your data to be sent through to your GIS team. Workflow integration further speeds up the process, meaning you can now automatically create reports for data collected into the field, which will flow through into your company templates. Deliver's visual narrative allows you to create simple, engaging reports for your clients, meaning they can digest information quicker, and you are more memorable, helping gain repeat business.

After 20 years in the industry, we were unsatisfied with the status quo. We want to shake things up and free thousands of talented people to focus on bringing the value only they can provide.

With our constant development in this space and working with great early adopter companies, we can offer a solution that provides staff with the tools to understand their requirements in the field and complete work faster. This assists project managers in managing their team better and ensuring consistent project delivery, saving thousands of hours compared to traditional methods.