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Design your own data gathering
apps and streamline your

Share and design apps for use within your team,
tailor-made to your specific industry needs.

How Gather

Gather allows you to ditch your paper forms, hard coded apps and create dynamic field collection apps. Use a variety of tools to collect the data you want from dropdowns, text field, video, photos, audio through to calculations and making rules. share the app you have created with the company to maintain consistency across the organsiation.
Once you have created your app, you can head out into the field and collect your data sharing the results in real time or syncing when you come back online.
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Easy app creation and editing
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Simple drag and drop build
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Individual field editing to create unique data-collection ‘rules’
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Adaptability across all iOS and Android devices
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Share your apps with the team
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Share results with the team in real-time
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Functions offline, saving your findings as you go
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Invite other users to join
Collect non-spatial data
Add multimedia content

Why use Gather ?

By building your apps you make sure your field team are collecting all the right information. Datanest's in-field data collection means your team will save hours and reduce double-handling errors.
When used in online mode, data collected can be reviewed in real time, allowing decisions to be made by the team there and then.

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Glynn Price - Principal Grouting Engineer

Pointe - Drilling, Grouting, Geotechnical

"Datanest is simplifying the collection of our data in the field, fast tracking processing of this data and enabling us to review and present this data in a spatial way."

Abilio Nogueira - Technical Director

KGA - Geotechnical engineering

"We use Maps on a regular basis to help create site location plans, include data from third party sources to highlight issues on our site or even to create simple plans.

The plans are clear and accurate, meaning that not only can we deliver high quality outputs to our clients but it enables us to quickly communicate in high level to detail to others consultants on site, saving everyone time and reducing errors."

Philip Chen - Geotechnical Engineer

WGA - Civil, Maritime, Electrical, Geotechnical, Hydrogeology, Structural

"Datanest has been a great addition to WGA’s workflow. It allows our engineers to skip the boring and menial tasks of data reporting and allows us to spend more time on the more important tasks in a project."

James Blackwell - Site Contamination Specialist

4Sight Consulting - Property, land, water and environmental consultants

“I have always had a particular interest in assessment technologies in the environmental industry that provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Datanest was a clear choice for 4Sight. We are able to gather and analyse data and then create stunning visual reports for our clients, all in one place. If you’re not already using Datanest, you’re a step behind.”