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Complete GMEs, Site Walkovers, Audits or soil logs from your tablet or phone and automate the outputs. Datanest removes the need for the manual repetition of datasets and reduces the time spent delivering data for factual interpretation. Create your perfect workflow from field data collection, CoC generation, and chemical analysis through to the production of exceedance tables, automated appendixes of field data, sample location plans and heat maps.

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Features designed for Contaminated land.


Auto-create Chain of Custody forms from the field and follow the courier process using a QR code. Collect field data for soil logging, sample locations, site walkovers, groundwater monitoring, ground gas sampling, consent monitoring, and contaminated soil remediation, or create your own bespoke field collection forms. Ideal for: Site Walkovers, Audits, Soil logging, groundwater well installations, GMEs, Soil Gas Monitoring, Soil vapour Assessments, Landfill Gas assessments.


Better manage your contaminated site remediation projects with Hub’s overview capabilities. Use real-time graphs to visualise your site assessments, helping you delve deeper into long-term projects and see patterns and trends on vast data quickly. Ideal for: Land Contamination Principle, Service Leader, Technical Director, Senior Chemist, Scientist, Science Analyst, General Manager.


Quickly create sample location plans, import historical images to map areas of concern, share maps with your gather app to locate yourself on site. With our data analysis mapping tool you can highlight areas of exceedances, measure potential remediation areas and create heat maps of contamination. Our mapping platform can also import public service layers, such as aerial imagery and council planning zones. Ideal for: Site Location Plans, Site Samplings Plans, Site Remediation Plans, Site exceedance maps, heat Maps.


Automatically add in factual information to PSI and DSI reports, instantly create photo logs from site walkovers and create consent monitoring reports instantly from factual information collected. Ideal for: Appendix generation for factual information (Site walkover notes, Monitoring data), Photologs, Phase One investigation, Detailed Site Investigations.

Visual Report.

Bring all your elements together in a web browser to help explain complex site situations to your client, use interactive maps to raise awareness of issues to your client and help to develop a deeper understanding of the next stage of works. Ideal for: Regular Monitoring events, Consent monitoring, large ongoing projects, Tender Applications, and Presenting Complexed Sites to Clients.


Automatically compare your analytical results to guidelines from around the world or create your own custom criteria and background levels. You can then style the exceedance table with different styles for different scenarios, and export to excel with the styling still applied, making your report generation a breeze. Show patterns and trends, run stats and map exceedances. Ideal for: Compare soil, water, leachate and gas to over 9,000 national and international guidelines. Analyse field, lab and XRF data for use within the guidelines while tabulating and reviewing patterns and trends in data collection.

Why Datanest makes sense for contaminated land assessment and remediation.

Collect and map the data you want for your site, whether it's soil, water, leachate or ground gas and remove the need for double-handling data or the stress of erroneous entries, giving your field staff the tools to help make decisions in the field faster. Datanest’s templates mean you can also reduce lengthy tasks and errors by comparing your data to guidelines and trigger levels to view patterns and trends in your data and map areas of concern using the heatmaps.

So, whether you’re looking for a specific water quality data management software or a faster way to test and update soil samples, Datanest has the flexibility and reliability your contamination team needs to complete a thorough investigation.

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Relevant case studies.

Asanka Meththa - Civil Design Engineer

Haigh Workman - Civil, industrial, residential and structural engineering

“Using Datanest means we are able to automate our field notes, making the process streamlined and efficient. We have already seen major improvements in our team's workflow and our ability to meet project deadlines with quality output. What used to take hours with the risk of human error and mistakes, now means quick, consistent and robust information.”

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Ed Collings - Managing Director

Geologix Consulting Engineers - Engineering services in geotechnical, environmental, civil and land development

“Starting a new business, during a global pandemic and with a limited workforce available, Datanest ensured we were able to exceed project expectations in a way that was still sustainable for us. We can communicate complex engineering solutions to all project partners and produce insightful, visually esthetic reports quickly, meaning our clients get what they need quickly and we can manage our time effectively.”

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