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Create and stylise informative site maps effortlessly.

Use the map editing tools to create an accurate site layout and produce deliverables that rival a GIS department.

How maps

Maps allow users to quickly create maps and figures that explain what is happening on your site.
Use our intuitive online map builder to create multiple exports that are fast to create and easy to edit, incorporate data from multiple sources and reduce the time and bottle neck on your spatial team.
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Build from multiple basemaps
Connect to public service layers
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Import site boundaries
Multiple shape and text tools
Wide colour pallete
Fast to create figures
Incorporate data collected in the field from gather
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Show exceedances of analytical data from Evalu8
Measuring tools
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Multiple Projects
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Export to PDF/JPEG/PNG
Export to ESRI or QGIS

Why use maps?

Creating site maps and figures often takes hours per project, this can either be using an overly complicated tool for the task or through bottlenecks of a spatial team.
Maps give users access to tools that make accurate map creation easy and saves hours through the current avenues. Most inground service consultants use maps in datanest for over 80% of their deliverables, streamlining the process and adding profit to the job.

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Philip Chen - Geotechnical Engineer

WGA - Civil, Maritime, Electrical, Geotechnical, Hydrogeology, Structural

Datanest has been a great addition to WGA’s workflow. It allows our engineers to skip the boring and menial tasks of data reporting and allows us to spend more time on the more important tasks in a project

Asanka Meththa - Civil Design Engineer

Haigh Workman - Civil, industrial, residential and structural engineering

“Using Datanest means we are able to automate our field notes, making the process streamlined and efficient. We have already seen major improvements in our team's workflow and our ability to meet project deadlines with quality output. What used to take hours with the risk of human error and mistakes, now means quick, consistent and robust information.”