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Ecology assessments typically rely on large amounts of data collection. The flexibility of Datanest's customisable field apps makes the Gather function a powerful feature for ecologists. Report writers and field staff can also use Maps to tell their story and create quick, accurate deliverables and organise all the information before exporting into GIS software for data analysis.

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Ecology Features.


Create your own field collection forms with our environmental data management software. No need for paper-based data collection sheets; use a variety of tools to help collect everything you need, from newt to wetland assessments. Whatever the target, Gather can auto calculate the prevalence index whilst in the field.


Hub is our ecology data management tool, creating meaning out of all collected data. Create a dashboard for repeat site visits to track how things are changing on site overtime. Locate patterns and trends quickly, or share your interactive dashboard with colleagues or clients, so that they can digest large amounts of data quickly.


Create site location plans and plan site investigations that enable your team to head to waypoints and collect data. Fast and easy mapping tools enable all staff to quickly create maps that can either be delivered as figures for clients or sent through to the spatial team for final edits or data analysis. Our mapping platform can also import public service layers, such as aerial imagery and council planning zones.


Connect your Gather apps with reports, take the time out of the factual reporting and let Datanest write the wetland assessment for you. All calculations and results are taken from the prevalence index app.

Visual Report.

Ecology reports are often read by many different people, with little to no experience on the subject matter. The visual summary report allows you to create engaging reports that are interactive and highly accessible by being delivered through a web browser, which makes them more memorable and helps to explain complex issues that all users can understand.


Our complete environmental data management software includes the ability to easily evaluate test samples on site and interpret results. Evalu8 allows you to bring through lab data to help plot distributions, highlight areas of concerns on Maps and create heatmaps which help to explain issues that may be occurring on site.

Why Datanest makes sense for ecologists.

Data analysis software for ecology often falls short, because ecology is a huge, wide-ranging subject with a number of specific disciplines.

Datanest is designed as a broad ecology data gathering and ecological data visualisation tool that includes all the necessary data collection functions, while allowing individuals to tailor the specific collection parameters to their field. This flexibility means ecologists aren’t beholden to an ill fitting data collection app that doesn’t reflect their research needs, whether they’re looking for flora assessment software or a system for biological modeling.

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Relevant case studies.

Asanka Meththa - Civil Design Engineer

Haigh Workman - Civil, industrial, residential and structural engineering

“Using Datanest means we are able to automate our field notes, making the process streamlined and efficient. We have already seen major improvements in our team's workflow and our ability to meet project deadlines with quality output. What used to take hours with the risk of human error and mistakes, now means quick, consistent and robust information.”

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