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Datanest gives non-developers the freedom to collect, manage, and report on data specific to their industry.

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What is datanest?

Datanest is a cloud-based solution designed to operate on desktops, laptops, android and IOS tablets and smartphones. User-friendly and intuitive, datanest has the flexibility to suit any business, with the ability to tailor features as needed. Each module allows inexperienced users to quickly gather information in a centralised location and produce superior deliverables that communicate real data-led value.

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Let anyone in your team build a data-gathering app for daily use, reporting back in real-time with relevant, data-driven information.

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Manage and edit your data and transform it into powerful visual insights to better communicate your findings.

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Generate engaging site maps without the need of a spatial analyst, using data collected on-site or from imported records.

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Deliver: Visual Reports.

Create memorable visual reports to explain complex ideas and deliver impact with your data.

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Deliver: Workflow.

Create powerful workflows from field capture in gather right through to writing the factual aspects of your report.

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Automatically compare analytical results against thousands of relevant national and international criteria.

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Spend time where it matters.

Collecting data and reporting your findings takes time — over a year, thousands of hours are wasted through inefficiency. But by adopting even just some of datanest’s features into your workflow, you can expect to see the following savings over twelve months:

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Data collection

Using Gather allows a medium-sized company to save around 2,400 hours a year by creating their own app-specific collection features and streamlining onsite data collection.

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With the online map creator, a medium-sized company can save over 3,000 hours creating their own maps without sending the data to a CAD or GIS specific team.

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Over 4,000 hours can be recovered by collecting data in a factual, visual report template, saving time spent creating reports and reading heavy, overly-textual documents.

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Built with your industry in mind.

Datanest integrates fully with the entire Entutive suite so that you can benefit from a completely integrated data collection system

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Hear how our users are optimising their workflow with datanest

James Blackwell - Site Contamination Specialist

4Sight Consulting - Property, land, water and environmental consultants

“I have always had a particular interest in assessment technologies in the environmental industry that provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Datanest was a clear choice for 4Sight. We are able to gather and analyse data and then create stunning visual reports for our clients, all in one place. If you’re not already using Datanest, you’re a step behind.”

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Ed Collings - Managing Director

Geologix Consulting Engineers - Engineering services in geotechnical, environmental, civil and land development

“Starting a new business, during a global pandemic and with a limited workforce available, Datanest ensured we were able to exceed project expectations in a way that was still sustainable for us. We can communicate complex engineering solutions to all project partners and produce insightful, visually esthetic reports quickly, meaning our clients get what they need quickly and we can manage our time effectively.”

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Nick Jones - Senior Project Manager

Greenstone Group - Project management and property advisory for the property and construction sectors

“Creating a clear picture for our clients is very important to us. The visual reporter in datanest has enabled our clients to digest information faster, helping to speed up meetings and ensure everyone is on the same page. It has become even more valuable for some of our overseas clients where there is a language barrier — but in using the visual reporter, there is no miscommunication.”

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Dave Bull - Director

HAIL Environmental - Site contamination specialists

"Evalu8 is like bread that comes already sliced!"

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Asanka Meththa - Civil Design Engineer

Haigh Workman - Civil, industrial, residential and structural engineering

“Using Datanest means we are able to automate our field notes, making the process streamlined and efficient. We have already seen major improvements in our team's workflow and our ability to meet project deadlines with quality output. What used to take hours with the risk of human error and mistakes, now means quick, consistent and robust information.”

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Fraser Roberston - Director of RCP

RPC - Independent product and strategic advisory for NZ’s property and construction industry

“Whilst impressed with what datanest could possibly do, I had reservations about whether the data collection would be easy to implement and use by a third party. We are now 6 months into the program and seeing great results with consistent data collection being fed back instantly to the team in the office. Datanest has allowed our staff to gain powerful insights into the data as well as automatically generate scopes of work based on the data collected.”

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Philip Chen - Geotechnical Engineer

WGA - Civil, Maritime, Electrical, Geotechnical, Hydrogeology, Structural

Datanest has been a great addition to WGA’s workflow. It allows our engineers to skip the boring and menial tasks of data reporting and allows us to spend more time on the more important tasks in a project

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Compatibility where it

Datanest has a wide array of integrations, that works in with other businesses or software products to maintain efficiency in your workplace.

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About the team.

Striving to create efficiency in everything we do.

Entuitive is the team behind Datanest. We create new and intuitive software that helps you and your business work smarter and faster. That’s because we understand the industry we’re creating tools for. Our aim is to continually develop new products, with the simple objective of streamlining industry processes and greatly improving quality at the same time.

Based in Christchurch, our talented team have been encouraged by the success of an award-winning asbestos management tool. We initially developed a contaminated land software called Evalu8 that allowed users to compare analytical results to 6000 guidelines from around the world. We built a mapping function into Evalu8 that proved popular with a wide variety of users because it allowed people to deliver high-quality exports without putting pressure on their GIS teams. We focused on this aspect and built on it to create datanest, a platform that allows any user to collect, manage, map and deliver data to a high level.

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