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Save time, reduce errors and increase profits through Workflow Optimisation.

Create powerful workflows from field capture in gather right through to writing the factual aspects of your report.

How Workflow optimisation works.

Datanest offers the fastest way to truly optimise some of the most time consuming and tedious parts of your workflow. Connect the data you collect in the field, in Datanest Gather, with your current reports.
Simply upload your Word report, show where you want the field-collected data to appear in the report and then share the workflow with your organisation, now you can quickly create reports sometimes before even leaving site.
Inbuilt Word editors the export is the same as your current report
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Simple document editor to connect to field apps in Gather
Connect to multiple apps with one document
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Create multiple documents exports per app from Gather
Incorporate job information with export
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Add info to tables or text

Why use Workflow optimisation?

Workflow optimisation improves the way that a company currently works by providing efficiency, saving time and reducing errors. Even through the most basic automated reporting from factual information, you will be significantly adding to the profit margin of a job.
We have worked with companies that previously issued a report as a loss leader to win the next phase of work. Through using workflow optimisation the companies was able to transform this type of work into a profitable deliverable as well as being able to secure the next phase of work.

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