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Manage and perform analysis on your environmental data.

Collect fieldwork data for laboratory analysis and compare your returned data against relevant national and international guidelines.

How Evalu8

Evalu8 is an industry-specific tool designed for contaminated land and water specialists. Integrating with the rest of the Datanest suite, Evalu8 allows you to compare your analytical results to national and international guidelines. Design custom criteria based on your project needs, including landfill disposal or compliance requirements.
Results can then be quickly filtered to identify patterns and trends, helping establish a conceptual site model. Collected data can then be sorted into tables and through additional reporting metics, while the customisation features allow you to export information into your company’s stylised templates.
Evalu8 is also directly compatible with the maps feature, which includes multiple-layer options (including heat maps), and the ability to show exceedances.
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Integration with lab data
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Intelligent dashboard summary of all your data
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National and international guidelines for water, soil and ground gas
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Ability to create and manage groups to maintain consistency
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Ability to add assessment criteria
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Ability to manage your own guidelines
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Integrate with Pro UCL
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See calculations and compare statistical analysis on your data sets
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Why use Evalu8?

For those in environmental consultancy industries undergoing a site assessment is a huge part of the job. It requires in-depth knowledge of the necessary soil, land and groundwater conditions, as measured against country-specific regulations. Sorting through that information and reentering data manually can take hundreds of hours to perform.
The main benefit of a feature like Evalu8 is that it completely streamlines this cross-checking process. This means that managers can effortlessly make quick, decisive decisions whilst communicating datasets in an engaging format to clients through the Datanest suite.

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Philip Chen - Geotechnical Engineer

WGA - Civil, Maritime, Electrical, Geotechnical, Hydrogeology, Structural

"Datanest has been a great addition to WGA’s workflow. It allows our engineers to skip the boring and menial tasks of data reporting and allows us to spend more time on the more important tasks in a project."

Dave Bull - Director

HAIL Environmental - Site contamination specialists

"Evalu8 is like bread that comes already sliced!"