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As one of our co-founders has almost 20 years experience in the geotechnical industry, there are many insightful elements in Datanest that improve efficiency and accuracy for geotechnical professionals. We have developed a range of apps that geotechnical professionals can utilise to help deliver information faster and remove the double handling of data, from field collection and transcribing to reporting and map generation.

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Features made for Geotechnical Professionals.


Our Geotech logging software includes pre-built soil logging forms that allow you to capture data in the correct format for your specific needs. The outputs can then be consumed by programs like RSLog, CoreGS and Seequent products. The pre-built NDM, Site Observation and Geotechnical Inspection apps enable field staff to collect data and complete factual reports from the field information, saving hours or days of time between collecting data and issuing a report.


Hub allows for senior staff to review real-time information being collected in the field, making changes which are captured in the Datanest change log, so that there's full transparency of the data to report. Team members can then export a variety of factual reports, created from customised templates, from Hub to issue to clients.


Our Geotech mapping software (or Datanest Maps) allows you to produce a variety of site location, site sampling and data driven collection plans, as well as enabling staff to review their site at proposal stage. Maps can quickly connect to a variety of local and national GIS layers, including GNS geology layers, aerial imagery and planning zones for example. Users can add conceptual designs to the plan and georeference the images. Information in Maps is connected to Gather so staff can see important information when on site.


Not only can you access our pre-built automated documents like site observation reports, geotechnical investigation reports or photologs but users can add their own templated documents to the system and connect them to gather apps and create exports like slope stability assessments or pile inspection reports.

Visual Report.

Bring all the elements together from our geotechnical investigation software to create a living document that conveys complex sites in a way that engages your clients like never before. From field collection to maps, reports and 3D models, the Visual Report module allows you to present data more accurately than any other presentation tool delivered through a web browser.


Why Datanest makes sense for the geotechnical industry.

Datanest was designed foremost as a geotechnical data collection software, with each module reflecting a step in the typical geotechnical site analysis process. Taken together, they cut down on time spent logging data and the need for multiple software products to complete a project.

Select from a number of specific investigative fields to create a data analysis app that links directly to your site map, while updating your reports on Word and Excel documents in real-time. As far as ConMon software goes, Datanest gives you complete control over all your team’s data, updating from any location.

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Relevant case studies.

Philip Chen - Geotechnical Engineer

WGA - Civil, Maritime, Electrical, Geotechnical, Hydrogeology, Structural

"Datanest has been a great addition to WGA’s workflow. It allows our engineers to skip the boring and menial tasks of data reporting and allows us to spend more time on the more important tasks in a project."

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Abilio Nogueira - Technical Director

KGA - Geotechnical engineering

"We use Maps on a regular basis to help create site location plans, include data from third party sources to highlight issues on our site or even to create simple plans.

The plans are clear and accurate, meaning that not only can we deliver high quality outputs to our clients but it enables us to quickly communicate in high level to detail to others consultants on site, saving everyone time and reducing errors."

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Glynn Price - Principal Grouting Engineer

Pointe - Drilling, Grouting, Geotechnical

"Datanest is simplifying the collection of our data in the field, fast tracking processing of this data and enabling us to review and present this data in a spatial way."

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Datanest integrates wide array of software products to enhance efficiency in your workplace.

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