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Geologix Consulting Engineers.

Geologix is a multidisciplinary engineering company providing quality solutions across New Zealand, delivering sustainable options that are both economic and reliable. In particular, Geologix specialises in providing geotechnical and environmental support, with a focus on observing natural hazards, land contamination, the three water reform programmes and sub-division consulting for Kiwi homes.

Where we come in

As fellow pioneers in the geotechnical and environmental field, our software was the obvious solution to help Geologix gather and analyse field data for their clients. Datanest was originally designed specifically with those fields in mind, meaning that many of the tools and templates were already fit for use. 

Utilising the whole datanest suite has meant that Geologix has been able to continuously exceed expectations, quickly turning the data collected into high-quality deliverables and visual reports for their clients.

“Starting a new business, during a global pandemic and with a limited workforce available, Datanest ensured we were able to exceed project expectations in a way that was still sustainable for us. We can communicate complex engineering solutions to all project partners and produce insightful, visually esthetic reports quickly, meaning our clients get what they need quickly and we can manage our time effectively.”

Ed Collings - Managing Director