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Greenstone Group.

Greenstone Group provides project management and property services for the property and construction sector. Working on a number of high profile projects, they provide sophisticated cost and feasibility management systems combined with a robust ITR framework tailored to suit each individual. Across a varied client base within multiple sectors, the team at Greenstone Group pride themselves on their property management and advisory solutions, utilising the best methods to bring high-end projects to fruition.

Where we come in

Greenstone Group were looking for a way to bring a higher level of reporting expertise to their clients, conveying complex site information clearly that would make sense to non-field experts. Datanest became a complete software solution, with the visual reporter allowing Greenstone Group to deliver a large amount of information in an informative, engaging way using a combination of images, maps, videos and text. 

The visual reporter tool has enabled Greenstone to overturn their traditional, time-consuming reporting methods, relying more heavily on visuals that are memorable and easy to process.

“Creating a clear picture for our clients is very important to us. The visual reporter in datanest has enabled our clients to digest information faster, helping to speed up meetings and ensure everyone is on the same page. It has become even more valuable for some of our overseas clients where there is a language barrier — but in using the visual reporter, there is no miscommunication.”

Nick Jones - Senior Project Manager